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Course TitleClass TypeCostCredits (in hours)Minimum Required Score
ABM & De-Escalation Part I- Online PortionNON - CE$0.000.00100
Advance Directives & Palliative Care CE$15.002.0080
Anesthesia Awareness In the Surgical Patient CE$10.001.0080
Anticoagulant Therapy CE$15.002.0080
Breastfeeding: How to Assess, Promote and EducateCE$10.001.0080
Communication and Team Building CE$10.001.0080
Cultural Diversity CE$15.002.0080
Documentation: Protecting your Career CE$15.002.0080
Dysrhythmia InterpretationCE$50.0013.0080
Hemodynamic MonitoringCE$25.004.0080
Human TraffickingCE$15.002.0080
Identifying Patients at Risk for SuicideCE$10.001.0080
Infection PreventionCE$15.002.0080
Injury Prevention CE$10.001.0080
Introduction to HIPAA Privacy LegislationCE$15.002.0080
Moderate Sedation CE$15.002.0080
Pediatric Depression and Suicide Risk CE$10.001.0080
Post-Partum Hemorrhage CE$15.002.0080
Pulmonary PneumoniaCE$20.003.0080
Respiratory System:Assessment& Common Disorder CE$25.004.0080
Restraints and SeclusionCE$10.001.0080
Sedation Assessment, Propofol, and Propofol Infusion SyndromeCE$10.001.0080
Stages of Growth and Development: A Basic Overview CE$15.002.0080
Substance Use in PregnancyCE$10.001.0080
To view the Self Study Modules available for download, please log in to your student profile. Each study can be downloaded selecting the icon in the Action Column.

To receive continuing education credit for the Self Study:
  • Print the final page of the self study module.
  • Fill out all of the required information, including your employer. If you are an employee at a Flex Ed contracted hospital, your fee will be discounted/waived once your employment has been verified. The amount of the discount will vary by contract type.
  • Mail the original test answer sheet along with payment (as appropriate) to:
    Flex Ed,
    3340 Riverside Dr. Suite H,
    Chino, CA 91710.
  • In approximately 2 weeks, you will be able to print a copy of your certificate from your online profile.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Flex Ed at (909) 464-2299.
Course TitleClass TypeCostCredits (in hours)
Abuse Recognition and Reporting SSMCE$10.001.00
Ebola in the Clinical Setting SSMCE$15.002.00
End Tidal CO2 Monitoring SSMCE$10.001.00
Ethics in the Workplace SSMCE$10.001.00
Extreme or Severe Obesity SSMCE$15.002.00
Gerontological Nursing SSMCE$25.004.00
Head To Toe Assessment SSMCE$15.002.00
Identifying Substance Abuse SSMCE$10.001.00
Intrapartum & Postpartum Nursing Diabetic Pt SSMCE$10.001.00
Jaundice & Hyperbilirubinemia in the Newborn SSMCE$10.001.00
Malignant Hyperthermia SSMCE$10.001.00
Managing Stress SSMCE$50.0015.00
Medication Safety-Avoiding Med Errors SSMCE$10.001.00
Neonatal Resuscitation Program NRP SSMCE$10.001.00
Nursing the Patient with a G-Tube or a J-Tube SSMCE$15.002.00
Postpartum Depression SSMCE$10.001.00
Preventing C-Diff Infection in the HC Setting SSMCE$10.001.00
Preventing Pediatric Medication Errors SSMCE$15.002.00
Sexually Transmitted Diseases SSMCE$10.001.00
Sickle Cell Disease SSMCE$10.001.00

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