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Interpreting Lab Values

This course will cover the rationale for ordering common lab tests, procedures for specimen management, standard precautions, review the expected results for commonly requested lab tests and possible causes for deviations from normal. The class will also look at tests for common medical conditions, as well as anticipated results.

OBJECTIVES: During this course, the student will be able to:
1. Identify the rational for ordering common lab tests.
2. Discuss the procedure for specimen management.
3. Utilize correct standard precautions while collecting samples.
4. Discuss the various ways to collect blood samples.
5. Review the normal expected results for commonly requested lab tests and possible causes for deviation from normal values. These tests include CBC, CMP, cardiac enzymes, clotting studies, and ABG.
6. List the lab tests that can be anticipated for patients with the following medical conditions and what results we expect to obtain: CHF, DKA, MI, liver and kidney disease, pancreatitis, sepsis, trauma, and pre-op.

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Course fee:$50.00 (includes book/materials)

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