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NRP Skills Validation

Prior to attending the skills validation session:
Please note the AAP is currently in a transition period. Some of you may be taking the 7th edition through HealthStream and others may be taking the 8th through RQI. Make sure the directions you follow are for edition that you are planning to utilize for the online portion. The following link will take you to the AAP for more information on each edition.
7th Edition:
This edition will be phased out on December 31st, 2021. All those taking the 7th edition must complete both the online portion and the skills validation prior to December 31st.
1. Complete the NRP online through HealthStream (no more than 90 days before taking the skills validation). HealthStream customer service phone number is 800-521-0574.
2. Print the online certificate that shows you completed part 1 and bring it with you to the skills validation.
3. Once you have completed the online portion, you should be prompted to register for a skills validation session through HealthStream. Search for dates and a convenient location by typing flexed (as one word).

8th Edition:
This edition is now available through RQI. The 8th edition has two options, the Essential and the Advanced. Please check with your manager and find out which option is required before completing the online course. Flex Ed recommends the Advanced option.
1. Complete the NRP online portion through RQI (no more than 90 days before taking the skills validation).
2. Print out the online certificate that shows that you completed part 1 and bring it with you to the skills validation.
3. Once you have completed the online portion, call Flex Ed to register for the skills validation session. 1-866-960-8760.

to complete your registration for this course, please login to your Health Stream account and follow the directions listed below: (Note: you must complete Part I, which includes the Curriculum, online test and eSims prior to signing up for Part II, the instructor led event where you will perform your Hands-On session)

1. After logging into your Health Stream account, open your 7th edition NRP provider Curriculum. This may be something you purchased individually, or an administrator at your hospital may have assigned this curriculum to you.
2. Next, click on the "choose an event" button, which is under Part 2 of the curriculum
3. From here, you can now sign up for an instructor-led event (hands-on session)
4. Scroll through the list of classes to find the flex Ed led event you would like to attend. These events will be titled "flexed NRP at (location)"
(Note: if you see a message stating there are no events available or you don't see any events outside your hospital. click the box to the mid-left of the page which says "include events outside of my organization"
6. Attend the hands on session- Don't forget to bring a printed copy of the part I completion certificate to the instructor led Hands-On session. you will not be able to participate without presenting the certificate. After completing part I you will have 90 days to complete part II.
7. If you have problems signing up for an instructor led event call the Health Stream Customer Service Number. 1-800-521-0574. If you were assigned this course by your facility, start by contacting your facility Health Stream Administrator. 2 CE's will be awarded for this course.

Please Note: Students who arrive after the 15 minute grace period will NOT be allowed to attend the course.
Professional attire/scrubs are expected to be worn when attending any Flex Ed course.

Please note processing of certificates may take up to two weeks.

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  • Monday, November 29, 2021
    Time: 8:00am PST - 12:00pm PST
    Location: Anaheim Global
    Classroom: Conference Rooms 3, 4, & 5
    Address: 2nd Floor, 1025 South Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA - 92805

Course fee:$100.00

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