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Behavioral Violence Prevention (BVP) North Vista

This class is for North Vista Hospital employees only.

The Focus of this class is to establish a framework by which staff feel safe and confident in dealing with a patient who may potentially suffer from mental illness and improve the critical thinking of staff who have to make quick judgment calls to deal with a person who is suffering from a psychiatric emergency.
Basic Premise: Employees who have developed a systematic approach to intervention during incidents of potential assault are less likely to injure or be injured than those who have not!! 80% of effective work with a psych-patient is done before interaction with the patient. Planning is key.
Objective 1: Maintain the safety of staff and patients when dealing with patients who: Are in psychiatric crisis, suffer from mental illness (chronic or acute), become upset or agitated or become aggressive and/or violent.
Objective 2: Increase staff awareness of Mental Illness and how it impacts those who suffer from symptoms of mental illness, for the purpose of: Creating insight that will help staff more effectively manage a patient who is in psychiatric crisis, Deal more effectively with patients who have mental illness, using the most effective methods and least amount of effort or force.
Objective 3: Establish staff competence in appropriately assessing the level of psychiatric crisis and/or the needs of the patients who suffer from mental illness, both chronic and acute.
Objective 4: Increase staff's level of competency in dealing with patients who are in psychiatric crisis or who suffer from chronic mental illness in the least restrictive manner possible and appropriate to the current situation without creating the risk of a power struggle between staff and patient.
Objective 5: Staff will be able to demonstrate proficiency with practice, documentation and understanding of the Mental Health Law, as it relates to seclusion and restraints.
Objective 6: Improve staff confidence and competency with techniques of verbal de-escalation of a patient in psychiatric crisis. Early identification of precursor escalation and agitated behavioral indicators. Early identification of potential for unpredictability and aggression.
Objective 7: To provide staff with training in physical techniques which will optimizes the safety for both themselves and patients who are becoming aggressive and/or demonstrating violent behavior.
Objective 8: To establish staff competency in effectively and safely placing a patient in restraints.

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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017
    Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm
    Location: North Vista Hospital
    Classroom: Large Conference Room
    Alternate Course Location: North Vista Bruce Building
    Address: 1301 East Lake Mead Blvd., North Las Vegas, NV - 89030

Course fee:$0.00 (includes book/materials)

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